2018-10-22 Living in a box

OK, new flat, new start - in theory, at least. It's a month and two days since I moved in here ("here" being Milton, a couple of miles north of where I used to be), and everything is still everywhere but things are starting to get sorted out. The kitchen is usable if I'm willing to shift stuff about to make room on the worksurfaces, and I can walk into and out of all the rooms and more or less use them for their assigned purpose. Still need to assemble the media centre and get the packed clothes off the sofa, but it's not too bad for somewhere I live.

This is not forever. It's a small flat with a cheap rent and slightly questionable facilities, on a 12-month contract with the option to extend at expiry. Long enough to get my feet under me, have a damned good sort-out and get rid of some stuff I don't need. Long enough to get my head back together and find somewhere to live longer term.

In other news, hey, glasshalfempty's up again. The new place struggles to manage 1Mbps, so I'm not hosting the site in my living room any more - we're coming to you live from a linode in Frankfurt and I upgraded the site to use Python3 while I was at it. Easier to upgrade now, while there's not much to upgrade.


2018-07-20 Life in boxes, 2018 edition

An out-of-band update here, to note the following: I've just received two months' notice on my flat, meaning that the landlord wants to take possession of it no later than the 20th of September. This kind of thing is why I hate renting - the lack of control, the lack of warning, the difficulty of planning anything when you don't know when someone you've never met is going to pull the rug out from under your feet. It sucks. It happens. Gotta get over it.

So, I've rented a storage unit and ordered in some flatpacked moving boxes, and I'm going to start looking for another rental in the next few days. I was planning on trying to buy a place of my own over the coming winter, but that's out the airlock now: there's no real chance of exchanging, completing and moving in two months and once I'm moved to a new place I should probably stay there for at least six months/a year (since that'll be the initial rental contract). The move, at least, gives me an opportunity to declutter and reorganise in a way that's difficult when everything is in its familiar place - I'm aiming to shed up to 20% of my equipment volume, which should make the second move substantially easier when the time comes.

Let's see what happens. I'm going to a LARP event next weekend and a convention the weekend after, both booked months ago, so I'll survey the market and move stuff to storage until after the con, then start looking in earnest.

2018-02-28 Technical Debt

It's been a very long time.

Some of the wait is because I kept being busy, having better, more urgent or somehow more distracting things to do. Some of it is because the feedback loop through the old site is broken (along with the old site), so I don't remember that it's important or interesting to some people. Some of it is because the hardware upgrade stalled amidst a series of sick hard disks a couple of years ago, and I haven't gotten back to it. Doesn't really matter.

I've been drowning in details for the last few years, I think, and hadn't realised until very recently. I don't like putting things online that aren't the best I have: if people are going to have the opportunity to critique something I've made, I'd like it to be as good as I can make it. Less than perfection, say some parts of my mind, is waste. There are at least three versions of New GHE that will never see the light of day, because I abandoned them because they were wrong or incomplete or poorly designed.

I'm going to try not to care about that any more. This is an experiment, but fundamentally I'm an information designer/software engineer/technical author/whatever. I trained as an embedded software developer, and a computer and AI scientist. I never trained as a web designer. I've never claimed that my websites are the best they can be, and chances are that this one won't be. It'll be as secure as I can make it, because that sort of thing matters, but it won't have lots of features or use up-to-the-minute CSS or be perfectly standards compliant at all times.

Here's the very beginning of Glasshalfempty 3.0, or 3.0.0-alpha1, I think we'd call it at work - the first alpha version of 3.0. It's incomplete and probably buggy, there isn't even a blog here yet, just a framework and some HTML and CSS. I'll bring more things online in time.

But I got some queries from old friends recently that made me wonder why it wasn't online, and I found I had no good answer, only excuses. So here we are. Join me round the campfire, I guess in companiable silence for now. Blogging, commenting, all that fun stuff, is in the future, so silence is the only option you have anyway.